Mathematics Education

Everything in this world is quantifiable, and measurable things are those that are essential to the development and changes that we go through in life.

Mathematics is the abstract science of number, space, and quantity. It is something that we learn from the fundamentals of counting and basic operations to the complex approach of various applications in science and technology field such as engineering, physics, and many more.

As mathematics can transform lives, it is also capable of saving our world. Here are the five ways that math can save this world:

  1. Predictions of Weather Patterns

Weather conditions impact the natural balance of the environment. With the help of mathematics, experts can simulate weather patterns and predict they’re possible effects in certain areas. The weather prediction is a preventive measure to save other lives or to prepare others to adapt to the possible changes in their environment.

  1. Continuous Innovation of Technologies

Numerous technologies emerge and continually help and make our living at ease. One example is our mobile devices. These devices are made through the application of numbers delivered by engineers and IT experts.

  1. Powers Up Supercomputers

Have you ever wonder how NASA works with their space explorations? Supercomputers are responsible for their successful operations. Supercomputers are utilized for various major applications like in military operations, in the field of biology, pollution control, climate, and natural hazards predictions.

  1. Management of Renewable Energy Resources

Maximum harness of energy for renewable resources is a work being done with mathematics. The balances of energy supply and demand are sustained with the help of mathematicians.

  1. Predicts the Consequences of Certain Actions

The information that the people need is predicted through the concept of probability and uncertainty of mathematics. The economic growth played by politicians is playing with numbers as human behavior can be predicted by mathematics and generally speaking, we can foresee the consequences of our actions through the help of math.

Mathematics may be a wide range abstract, but it can save our world through its extensive coverage of applications.